Die Casting Lubricants

with HILUBRIC Series


Die Casting Lubricants

A complete service for your diecasting machine. Hardcastle Petrofer not only supplies a complete range of products but we also carry frequent inspection of fluids free of charge to ensure safety, uninterrupted production and long service life of components.

Die Casting Lubricants Deliver:

Low Porosity

Excellent Release

Excellent Anti-Wear Properties

High Lubricity

Low Consumption

Hardcastle is a leading manufacturer and supplier of die-casting lubricants in India. Our comprehensive range of products offering solutions for specific application needs of the die-casting industry, ensuring high-quality output.

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  • HILUBRIC L Series

    Water soluble and solvent based die-release agents suitable for aluminium, zinc and magnesium castings. Designed to provide excellent surface finish, residue-free clean casting and low porosity while operating at high dilution ratios.

  • HILUBRIC PL Series

    Graphited and graphite-free oils and pastes having excellent anti-wear properties for drip-feed lubrication, sprayable or swabbing applications in die-casting machines. 

  • HILUBRIC PP Series

    Highly effective die plunger lubricants having excellent anti-wear properties providing low consumption, high lubricity, reduced porosity and cleaner castings.


    A range of mineral oil based and synthetic heat transfer fluids providing excellent ageing stability and oxidation resistance. Suitable for applications in die-casting and plastic injection moulding processes.

  • HISAFE Series

    Endorsed by many leading die-casting machine OEM’s for use in hydraulic power packs of their equipments, designed as an alternative to mineral based hydraulic oils to offer safer operating conditions. More information available here! 


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