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At Hardcastle Petrofer, we bring amazing people together to make amazing things happen.

We’re a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining our products. That innovation is inspired by a shared commitment to great work — and to each other. Because learning from the people here means we’re learning from the best.


We Are

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, customer focus and care. Our creative and motivated colleagues are the basis for our corporate success. Behind this success, however, are our people who continue to give their best and make a difference in the workplace.



We take great pride in our culture. It's what binds us and tells us what to do when no one is looking at us! Working with Hardcastle Petrofer gives you unique opportunities to advance your career alongside a group of diverse, talented colleagues.


Core Values

Our culture rests upon a set of Core Values that guide our actions, both personal and corporate. Our Core Values- Professionalism, Good Corporate Citizenship, Customer First, Quality Focus, Individual Dignity & Respect inspire our associates to achieve our Core Purpose.


  • Team building workshop at Mumbai

  • Tug of War Champions

  • ABP meet at Udaipur

  • Cricket tournament

  • Inter-region sports competition

  • Safety day celebration

  • Annual get-together

  • Annual employee picnic for factory staff & their families

  • Team enjoying at Mahabalipuram

Employee Testimonials

Bhushan Bornare

My journey with Hardcastle Petrofer started 5 years back as a vendor to becoming an HPPL employee. I would like to proudly say that, I made one of the best decisions by joining HPPL family.

The technology for which I joined this organization was “POWER BI”. The management has always welcomed my initiative and ideas. I am enjoying my journey with a lot of learning & implementing exposure.

HPPL’s great culture, values, norms and practices have a huge impact on our happiness and success. This has helped me excel my skills in the organization.

HPPL has always appreciated and guided me on this journey. I am grateful for being a part of such an organization where employees are respected and supported whatever the situation be. Working with HPPL is about having a good work-life balance.

Let's keep growing together.

Abhishek Daga

It was a cold January winter day when I joined HPPL. The weather had taken a toll on my health, but the mercury level of excitement was sky-high, as I was moving to my hometown from Pune.Also, the warm and friendly welcome from the team made me feel comfortable.

In the next couple of weeks, I realized I belonged to a super-talented team. From there on, the journey started under the guidance of my Zonal Manager and Product Managers.

HPPL has one of the most collaborative cultures. With baby steps, I started my journey in the organization. I’ve made good friends and met charismatic leaders. I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered such talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic leaders, whom I’ve always found committed to excellence. Further, an innovative journey started with a Mantra of ‘Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn,’ where we need to transform ourselves to become more agile and open to challenges.

Life at HPPL is full of rewards, recognitions and a lot of employee engagement. Working at HPPL is about making work fun, having a good work-life balance, as well as good synergy between work culture and productivity.

HPPL has given me the opportunity to have an entrepreneurial hat, multiple challenges, and thrill to acquire the business; which has enabled me to run until the results are achieved. The technical collaboration among all colleagues Pan India coupled with sharing of knowledge horizontally has helped me exponentially. Staying in touch with clients, understanding their issues, and problem-solving together across the hierarchy is very niche in an organization. I personally consider this as a strength of my company.

During this pandemic, our management tried and helped all employees to keep the heads high. The career takes a cruising highway when motivation is on the driver’s seat. HPPL has also boosted my self-confidence & motivation, extracting the best results from my performance. Overall. I am very happy to work with HPPL and looking forward to long innings.

Kavi Israni

Today while writing this note, I am realizing that 9 years with HPPL flew in the blink of an eye and many more years will pass soon as it happened with my senior colleagues.

I bet like me, no one would have ever realized their working years with HPPLas it is so exciting, surrounded by exceptionally talented people and dynamic place to work, where we learn and experience new things almost every day. In fact, overall approach to creativity in inventing ways around obstacles is really refreshing e.g. Power BI (I confess that I use all sorts of Power BI data to gauge and improve my productivity on daily basis).

“A good system shortens & comforts the road to goal”

Over the years, to keep me motivated, HPPL has never failed to reward and recognize when I performed well andencouraged me to learn from my mistakes. It is a place which actually believes that change is the only constant when it comes to innovation, technology and system.

It is really amazing to witness how early our management prepared for this pandemic situation (testing times), by taking care of wellbeing and safety of every staff member. In order to keep our mental & physical health strong during this situation, the company has taken various initiatives i.e. distribution of premium quality masks, engaging us with all the different kind of activities and proactively creating WFH as a culture. It would be difficult for any company to come near to this type of dedication for their employees.

All this gives us hardcore attachment with the organization and makes us feel that we are working for our own business.

Sujit Rao

My journey with HPPL began in November 2016. I joined as DGM Purchase. During my first meeting with our Chairman, Mr. Achal Jatia he made a statement that anybody who joins our company and stays for more than six months will continue to stay for a long time with our company.

The words turned out to be prophetic, time flies and I have completed four years with HPPL and the journey has truly been an exciting and rewarding one.

They say that if you love what you do, you don’t have to work even for a single day, and science and chemistry have always fascinated me and been my passion.

Here at HPPL with our vast portfolio of 350 raw materials, and growing, I have been able to realise the full potential of my technical skills and knowledge, which honestly, I didn’t experience in all my previous stints with other organisations where I had worked before.It is also very fulfilling to work in a highly professional environment with excellent ERP systems in place.

In today’s scenario, your supply chain starts from your vendor’s vendor and ends with your customer’s customer. Also in today’s tough times, unless and until, your purchasing is highly effective and efficient, you simply cannot compete in the market. As a purchase function the endeavour of me and my team members has always been to strive and direct our efforts in that direction. To bring about cost optimisation by developing new vendors, alternate chemistries, to achieve operational efficiency in terms of reduced lead-time, vendor managed inventory and satisfying all our internal customers.

In the end, it feels really wonderful to be a part of this wonderful HPPL family and I really look forward to a long and fruitful association and be a part of the growth story of HPPL.

Arokyas Swami

Yes... indeed it has been quite a journey with Hardcastle Group and an opportunity witnessing the company grow - a small mustard seed into a big mustard tree sheltering and supporting those who have come under its shade.

Initially, on joining I had to interact with Shri B L Jatia and Shri Amit Jatia (who had Just got involved in the business after his studies). Shri Achal Jatia was pursuing his studies then. Association with all three of them and with Shri O P Adukia has instilled me where am today.

During the course of the journey, interacting with representatives of the group companies had boosted my knowledge further and increased my confidence level.

From day one involving myself into all the administration activities of the company, however trivial it may be, gave me an opportunity to interact with all the employees of the company.

Yes, it just looks like yesterday ... but it has been a journey traversed far ... to be cherished.

SK Ghosh

It is a great pleasure to share with all of you my experiences with Hardcastle Family over the last 50 years. My journey started in 1970 with the Hardcastle Group.

During my tenure of last 50 years, we have passed through many ups and downs, leading us to attain a certain stage in the Indian metal processing space.

Our management's decision to focus on metal process division gave us a big jump both in revenue and status, and helped us get recognized in the industry for our quality and problem solving capabilities.

Our ability to introduce new generation environment friendly products replacing conventional oil based products have enhanced our company's image and business.

I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of the journey of introducing the following trendsetting products in India which gave new benchmarks to the industry.

  • Introduction of water glycol-based FRHF products in Coke oven replacing conventional hydraulic oil.
  • Introduction of polymer quenchants replacing quenching oil in TATA Motors (formerly known as Telco) for quenching of crankshaft / connecting rod/stub axle. Being first of its kind in India, this category of products was a revolution in the auto industry and delivered tremendous benefits both technically and commercially.
  • Introduction of semi-synthetic based rolling oil and pickle oil at Bokaro Steel Plant and Rourkela Steel Plant.
  • Introduction of HFDU fluids in the steel and aluminum industry.
  • DGMS approval of our HFB and HFDU fluids and introduction of the products to various coal mines.

Now we are fully equipped with modern R&D and factory with international standards to take up any challenge.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartiest gratitude to Shri B.L. Jatia, Amit Jatia, Achal Jatia and O.P.Adukiaji for their support & encouragement in my 50 years of professional life. I also thank all the team members for their cooperation and support during my journey.

BN Balasundar

I have spent many moments in HPPL since the time I joined i.e 21st April 1994. I would like to take this opportunity to think about how grateful I am to be celebrating 25 years of service in our Esteemed Organization.

There were endless learning in my journey with the HPPL family and gained knowledge on so many fronts such as self-development, career growth, up gradation of technical knowledge, leadership skills and so on, which were provided on a platter by the management.

I started my journey as a Sales Engineer and progressed to become Zonal head - South, working with some of the most talented people I have ever met. It was indeed a pleasure to see my colleagues also flourish and our family grow. There is no way I could have been able to achieve this without the extraordinary efforts, support, and generosity of the management.

Chandrakant Khaitan

I joined Hardcastle in June 1995 as Junior Accounts Officer, a trainee. Today I am delighted to celebrate my 25 years with the Hardcastle family. It's been a journey with a lot of ups and downs. I came to Mumbai for pursuing my CA but my financial condition compelled me to take up a job. I got hands-on experience in many areas.

In 2009 I took the courage to apply for an MBA and fortunately, with the support of my family, friends, and management, completed my MBA and secured 3rd rank in the college. I didn't stop here. I also cracked the entrance exam for LLB and made it to a law college, but as they say, life has its own plans. I had to drop out of law college in my second year due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some lessons that I learned and I would like to share:

  • 1. Padhne ki kol Umar Nahi Hoti - I did my MBA after 14 years of graduation.
  • 2. Just like an ideal stock portfolio, knowledge also should be diversified - One needs to have diverse work experience. Having worked at different offices and different positions, I got vast experience that helps me lead the team now.

People often ask what made you stay here for so long?

It was not only the salary but the work culture of the management, career growth, recognition for hard work and support of management in case of any crisis that worked. Because of these factors, the idea of disassociation never crossed my mind.

Management has helped me a lot on so many occasions, professionally as well as in personal life. In the era where people do not stay for so long be it personal or professional life, I am happy to celebrate my 21st marriage anniversary and 25th work anniversary this year. The journey so far would not have been possible without the wholehearted support received from my team members and colleagues.

A lot of milestones still to accomplish. I would like to quote a few lines from a poem by Robert frost:

But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep."

Gopa Nair

Dear Hardcastle Family,

Wow, 25 years!

It's been an incredible ride. I still do remember my first day at work, trying to understand my work portfolio with only one agenda in mind - to give my 100%. These years went by very fast, from visiting the coal mining sites to corporate offices, from traveling across Western-India to now heading West SBZ, I enjoyed my journey with a lot of learning exposure. The core principles and values of the company coupled with supportive seniors all these years is a very rare case according to me. This combination helped me to excel my skills in the organization.

HPPL has always appreciated and guided me on this journey.

I still remember and cherish the day when I got shifted from my service profile to Sales, wherein I could rope many different products to NRB group. It was appreciated and I was able to sell eleven products to a single group. I always wanted to do something more effective and was always keen on learning. Having been in a corporate office, I had the opportunity of working under different seniors with whom I learned many skills and I still continue to learn.

It's been 25 years, but there is still a lot to learn and a lot to teach. It still feels like 25 days. The pace of innovation has increased along with competition and the stakes are higher now. I strive to share, adapt, and become the most impactful professional I can be.

Thank you for creating a space to do that every day. Together, we dig deeper and go farther than we can as individuals.

Let's keep on doing and growing for the next 25 years.

We value passion, courage and original thinking. For every team and every role. Find your place here.