Metal Forming & Wire Drawing Lubricants

with HIFORM & HIDRAW Series


Metal Forming & Wire Drawing Lubricants:

Hardcastle Petrofer's range of products for metal forming operations and wire drawing lubricants includes neat oils, emulsions, synthetic products & pastes. Our products are specially developed to meet the process requirements thereby ensuring highest productivity and quality for the user in these operations.

Processes That Engage Our Product Line:

Wire Drawing

Cold Forming

Fine Blanking

Deep Drawing

Sheet Metal Rolling

Hardcastle Petrofer’s product range of HIDRAW series & HIFORM series provides our customers with a complete portfolio for the whole range of wire drawing & metal forming processes.

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  • HIDRAW Series

    Emulsions, neat oils, pastes and synthetic lubricants for wire and profile drawing of copper, copper alloys, steel cord and stainless steel.

  • HIDRAW NAL Series

    High-Performance neat oils and drawing compounds for wire drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloys.

  • HIFORM Series 

    Multi-functional neat oils as well as traditional extrusion lubricants for cold and warm forming operations on various materials as well as forming operations on pre-heated materials.

  • HIFORM Series 

    Low to medium viscosity, odourless drawing oils with self-evaporating and thermal degreasing characteristics for stamping and profiling applications. 

  • HIFORM & HIDRAW Series 

    Medium to high viscosity punching and deep drawing neat oils as well as water-based pastes, solutions, emulsions and dispersions for a broad range of applications, e.g. for fine-blanking of clutch plates or for deep drawing of stainless steel flanges.